Software Engineering Daily – “The World Through the Lens of Software” – Good Podcast

Host: Jeff Meyerson – full bio
Who he is: Jeff has an interesting background in poker, software engineer, entrepreneur and now podcast host. He also hosted Software Engineering Radio podcast previously. To learn more, read his bio in the above link and read and listen to his interview given to freeCodeCamp.
Tag Line: “The World Through the Lens of Software” – “Software Engineering Daily”
Summary: “Technical interviews about software topics.”
Details: First episode published in 2015, the RSS feed does not include all episodes. No chapter markers. Well written show notes. No full transcript link in podcast show notes.

Good Podcast Basics

Ability To Inspire (Would you change any aspects of your life after listening?)6/10
Time Invested vs Value Gain (Ads, pauses, ramblings, digressions)8/10
Audio Production Quality (Pleasantness to Listen To, Music)8/10
Longevity (How long the podcast has publisdhed, measured against 15 yrs.)3/10
Would Recommend To A Friend (Podcast newbies, postcast junkies)10/10
Podcast Technical Production (Art, Show Notes, Chapter Markers)8/10

Why Is Software Engineering Daily a Good Podcast?

Jeff invites guests who are software engineers, leaders from companies who are at the forefront of the industry. All recognizable brand names for any software engineer. Then he focuses on interesting topics that is unique to that particular company at scale. The at scale part is important because simple technical problems are easy, but scale is where the hardest problems lie and where off the shelf solutions doesn’t work. As a software engineer, who has not worked in more than 3 companies after 25 years, this podcast is a great way to see inside other companies such as Facebook, Lyft, Red Hat & Google. I especially love hearing how they solve large scale problems and learn from the people who roll up their sleeves.

Our Favorite Episode

Click To ListenWhy We Love The Episode
Kelsey Hightower is one of the public figures on Kubernetes for Google. This episode epitomizes why the podcast is useful for engineers. Kelsey talks about how Kubernetes core team looks at how to support an API driven model and making the core of Kubernetes smaller in order to allow for an growing ecosystem. In a previous episode the AWS evangelist was also interview to talk the direction of AWS and how they approach Kubernetes.
When the Kubernetes project was started, Amazon Web Services was the dominant cloud provider. Most of the code that runs AWS is closed source, which prevents an open ecosystem from developing around AWS. Developers who deploy their application onto AWS are opting into a closed, controlled ecosystem, which has both costs and benefits.

Supporting The Podcast

The podcast is ad driven, you can sponsor the podcast to get the word out there for your company and products. Click here for the sponsor page. Also you can buy a mug, t-shirt, hat.

Learning More

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